The problem with ideas is they're fleeting. They dodge. They run. They defy ownership.

Then a moment of clarity arrives. The ideas is perfect. It's indelible. It's delightful and delicious. You dash to the computer. Wait for the booting up. You stare out the window. Suddenly beeps ensue, the screen comes to life and you're gazing at that keyboard... trying to remember whatever it was you wanted to say.

You've heard self-help gurus offer the solution a thousand times. Carry a notepad or tape recorder. Have it in your pocket at all hours of the day. Put it on your nightstand every eve.

Here's the thing I've noticed. Amateurs know the solution. They cheerily offer me their advice. They know they should carry a notepad and are keen to make sure I know they know it. The professional doesn't really care. They're too busy jotting ideas into their own notepads to care about mine.

An amateur finds satisfaction in knowing the solution. But you know there's more to it. You jot your ideas. You look for the next step, and you take it. You keep moving forward. For that is how you run down big ideas. They dodge. They run. And still you chase them down. You catch them, and clean them, and serve them up for the benefit of mankind.

Wherever you find your efforts exerted today, thank you for knowing it needs doing and for getting it done.