Every decision we make is based on anticipation and expectation. We make decisions today based on how we hope to affect tomorrow. But tomorrow is unknown. The future lives in our imagination.

You can build a great product. You can solve huge problems. But without an audience, your products can do no good. It's the audience, and their choice to consume your products, that creates value. And every consumer makes choices based on expectation, anticipation, and imagination. If they aren't choosing you, you're doing no good!

And every audience chooses based on expectation, anticipation, and imagination.

This is the job of your brand, to engage our imagination and help us see the possibilities. You are helping us control our own future.

And here's the secret, you can't simply tell us. Facts create no anticipation. They don't engage our imagination. Facts are boring. Don't tell us. Show us.

Give us a show. Show us why we want to care. And imagine the value you can create when we're all choosing to accept your help.