A surfer cannot demand a wave. They must wait. They watch. They feel it in their guts and know to start paddling just before the swell arrives.

You've got to paddle like mad to catch that wave. Once you do you get to stop paddling. You jump. You balance. You sail toward shore, smiling all the way.

But if you miss that wave, even by a few inches, it's impossible to catch up. You're left behind, paddling for all you're worth.

Everything in life tends to come in waves. Civil engineers had to redesign highways after realizing traffic usually clumps into waves. We see waves in an S&P 500 ticker. Restaurants prepare for the lunch wave and dinner wave. You'll even hear salespeople talk about 'the wave'. Closing a big deal suddenly makes it easier to call the next open account, with balance and confidence, perpetuating the wave.

Success is rarely deteremined by how fast you paddle. It's more often about catching the right wave, and having the skill to ride it.

Luckily, you have skills. You have the energy. You know the power of staying alert and patient as you wait for the perfect wave.