How do you judge the trustworthiness of a new associate or organization? When a deal looks perfect, sometimes it is. Sometimes it's mirage.

You listen to their words. You judge the body language. You've got good gut instincts and know how to trust 'em.

And sometimes, even the best rapport experts out there come across someone they just can't read. There are those so incredbly good at saying the right thing.

So you follow the pie. Observing their slice of the American dream, you ask:

#1 - Where's their pie come from? Is it growing? Is it secure? If they've got plenty and things are looking up, you're likely to find them happy to see you get yours too.

But when you meet a company running on almost empty plates, you know to beware. And be glad because there's wisdom, knowledge, and incredible ability inside, ready to help you listen with care and think it clear.