Many say we're in a new idea economy. Perhaps that's partially true. Idea exchanges like twitter, facebook and youtube are hugely valuable. And yet, building ideas for profit is difficult.

Because ideas are everywhere. The exchanges are flooded with tens of thousands of new ideas every hour. My news feeds are practically bursting at the seams. And they're all more or less worthless. I don't even have time to read through them all, much less implement any.

These ideas are closer to entertainment than enlightenment.

But having the right idea at the right time? To push that idea into a business model, and use it to help your customers build their own dreams. Now that's priceless!

So avoid the exchanges. 10,000 new ideas will not help you. Your true genius emerges when you work to help yourself and those around you. So hold your problems tight. Do not run from them. You were born with incredible powers of deduction. The longer you sit with a problem, the more ideas you'll find yourself working through. New ideas. Creative ideas. Ideas that are focused on finding the best possible specific solution to your problem.

And when you use problems to craft ideas, this is how you find the right idea at the right time. This is how your creativity will triumph. This is how your superpowers unfold.