Storytellers don't see truth. They see possibility. They don't tell us who we are. They show us what we might become.

When the reader picks up a novel, they find a new world, almost perfect in it's clarity. But the author had to step through many possibilities to find the story. Through the act of writing, they use words to nail their story to the page, where we can find it clear and simple.

This ability to "see" multiple possibilities is the key to creativity. It's also maddening to a board of directors who wants the "right answer" right now.

But there is no right answer. Resist the urge to find it. Creativity is not about being right. It's about being good. Because the world does not present solutions. It presents options. Some are good, and some not so good.

Your life is novel. You're telling the greatest of stories. Just keep stepping forward. Keep it good. And as you do, you help us find our own sense of clarity, not by telling us who we are, but by showing us what we might become.