Your clock is shaped like a circle for a reason. Time keeps going around us. It's a lot like a track and field event.

But no matter what we do, one cannot race around the track any faster or slower than the rest of us. We all move through this race at the same pace. The difference is in how many events get completed while inside that circle.

One solution is to do more. The harder I work, the more events I complete. The more I complete, the better I compete.

Another option is to get help. Build a team. Divvy up the effort. While you tackle hurdles, Sally can do the long jump while Jim can attack the pole vault. This is the power of Inspire.

We're all racing around the clock, locked into the same pace. So what gets done inside that single trip around the track is less about how fast you can pump your legs and more about the team you can inspire to help.