6 Hooks 2 Grab their Attention part #4:

ENGAGES: Love, Affection & Camaraderie (One of the most long-last hooks)
EXAMPLES: Coca-Cola's Polar Bear commercials, McDonalds' "I'm Lovin' It!" campaign, Google's "Homeward Bound" advert.

It's Christmas break. I'm home from college, at the movies with my girlfriend. As the curtain opens, we hear the projector fire to life. Then a polar bear walks across the screen. This is curious.

The bear walks up to a group of friends. All huddled together, they're watching the Northern Lights.

As the camera angle changes, we notice they're all holding little bottles. They all drink together. The camera zooms in on a single bear. He's immensely enjoying a Coca-Cola. He admires the bottle for minute, then looks out at me, my girlfriend and everyone else in the crowded theater. He smiles at us as Coke's logo flashes to life beneath his grin.

I can't remember which movie we saw that day, but I'll never forget that ad. Mostly because I was confused. It seemed the oddest commercial I'd ever seen. There was no effort to persuade us. We were told nothing about the product. I recall leaning over to my girlfriend and whispering, "was that supposed to make us want a coke?"

The next week I'm back at school, knocking snow off my boots in the student lounge. I notice a Coke machine across the room. Suddenly, my imagination flickers to life. The polar bear's smiling. The theater's dark and comfortable. My girlfriend's warm hand is holding my own. I'm back in that moment, feeling love.

I bought a Coke that day, and it tasted perfect.

Coke succeeded in drawing a connection between their product and my feelings. They successfully utilized one of the world's most powerful hooks. I call it, "The Immaculate Connection." It's a hook that never criticizes nor tries to compel. It simply connects. It doesn't persuade, but serves as a gentle reminder. It creates no divisions and appeals equally to everyone. The Immaculate Connection reminds us of the best part of ourselves, and connects us with the whole of humanity.

You too have this power. Your customers deserve the passion you put into your products. Share it all. For when you know how to spread feelings of love, that's when you Leave them all Chanting Your Brand.