A snowstorm and wickedly low temperatures (40 below) kept our kids and ourselves in the house for 3 days. Confined within these 4 walls, you'd think we must go mad.

Instead we found intense freedom. With work, school, errands and so many other options eliminated, we were suddenly free. Stuck inside this house, we found options we'd never seen before. We painted, played an impromptu game of musical chairs, and taught the kids how to win at charades.

The weather offered a new set of rules we'd never dealt with before, and helped us find freedom we'd not before seen.

Freedom is funny that way. To gain freedom to innovate, you must first find new rules. And we need rules. Unlimited options make focus impossible.

But the rules provide focus to help us run far. And when we find ourselves standing among sights never seen, we see how new rules somehow offer strictly freedom.