There's something in the air when you near the sea. It's hard to describe. The air doesn't really smell, but it's different. You can practically sense the ocean. You know you're close.

Finding the right product for a good prospect works much the same way. As the conversation starts, you're not sure exactly what they need and have no idea what they want. Finding a beachhead seems impossible. There are so many buildings and sand dunes built up alongside, you can't even see the ocean from the road. But when you get close, you can feel it in the air.

So keep listening. Make sure you can feel that something in the air before you talk solutions. Wait to know you're almost there. That's the moment you start to guide the conversation, to point out a possible path.

Let them drive the conversation as long as they like. Wait for the moment you can feel that salty air. Do the heavy listening first. Keep their walk short.