It's so easy to watch the one with great ideas. They seem so lucky, spicing up each meeting, getting the attention. Why can't we be there as well.

The funny thing about great ideas is they rarely knock on the door when you're sitting in the office or lounging on the couch. Great ideas are out there, not in here. You've got to get out there and do something new.

Walk through a part of town you've never seen. Listen to a song you've never heard. Hit the library and read 5 chapters of a book in a genre you've never tried. Go to a bar you've never been, and speak with 3 people you've never seen before.

It seems obvious new output requires we first get some new input. But sitting at our desks, staring at the deadlines, the brain goes blank. It's easy to forget.

So quit trying to remember and start discovering. Can't wait to see the new luck you discover for all. And the more you get out there, so many fresh insights you have as you're sharing come easy because you're the one seeing far. 

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