There once was a man named John. His brother was lost out at sea. John sits on the beach, looking over the waters, waiting for news.

And he knows the news can't come without a boat, so he scans the horizons for smokestack and sail.

And this is the difference between the salesperson and the other. The salesperson jumps in the rowboat and heads out to deep water. Who cares if it's unpleasant and scary. It's the only way to get there, so out he goes.

And as he fades into the distance, John still sits on the beach, watching him go, waiting for a ride.

And as the salesperson grows smaller and smaller, then fading from site, John grows jealous. "I wish I could be out at sea," he thinks as he waits on the beach. "I wish I could see what he sees" he quietly mumbles out loud, trying to ignore his belly as an ache begins to rise.

And I suspect you might be something even more. For you're out there where rowing and finding are things that you do. And when you return with his brother in tow, John's smile as he pays you feels kinder than words, even bigger than the 6 o-clock news.