When we see your STUFF for the first time, we know so much less than you. You've understood the purpose and benefit of every feature. You know it inside out. You know how obviously helpful your STUFF would be and how it can enrich our lives.

But we can't see any of that. All we know is a picture of your packaging on our screen for a few seconds. Then it's gone. We know nothing of your STUFF or what it could do for us.

You're flying so fast. You've made it to 30,000 feet and still climbing. But we can't get on board unless you take time to come all the way down to where we stand. Make the complete stop, and give us time to climb aboard.

And once we're aboard, you know how to share. You know how to teach. We'll be dazzling ourselves with your very own words as we listen and learn. And now we're patient, because we can't wait to see how high you decide take us.