Few understand storytelling better than Hollywood.

I'm sure you've noticed, at the movies we never see the entire story. Surely these main characters also spend plenty of time bored at work, eating lunch, running errands, or waiting on their date to check out the clearance racks at TJ Maxx.

But we don't of hear these boring bits of life at the movies. They jump straight to the adventure, the argument, the worry, the intergalactic space battle.

Your life is sprawling. It covers too many events and ideas. We can't take it all in and you don't have time to tell it either. In fact, your audience doesn't want to hear it all. Jump straight to the adventure. Tell us about the crises, the conflicts, the struggles you overcame, the proposal you lost.

Tell us every detail and we quickly grow bored. Jump to the action. Don't skip to the triumphs, give us your heartaches too. Keep us roped in. We can't wait to hear how you've managed it all.