It's easy to feel driven when you've not yet arrived. You push yourself further, rehearsing, selling, writing, recording and getting yourself ready for stage.

And you need to sell out. It won't happen yet, but you want it and work for it hard. You can't wait to fill that theatre all the way up, until 'Standing Room Only' is your middle name. For then you will know you've arrived.

But you aren't there yet, so it's easy to drive hard and stay driven. You'll rest when you get there. You know it'll come.

And one day, finally, your tickets do sell. They all want you back. Your fans are in love as you're growing more dear.

You've finally arrived but find no time for rest. The audience still wants more. You've seen too many sophomores slump. Can't let that be you. So you jump back to work ever more than before.

And your comeback is lauded even louder than the first. But have you arrived? You thought you were there but the people have gone. The theatre's dry. There's dust in your throat. But still you can't rest, for our expectations are starting to soar.

Your persona's outgrown you. You're bigger than life, up in those lights. It's hard even seeing yourself anymore. But you love us, and we love your persona. So you keep giving more. Fulfilling our dreams is the thing that you do.

And we thank you for all you've done.
For offering laughs and giving us fun
For shaking our bellies till all the tears run
For staying so funny and dear for so long