Woke up to Monday. Excited to get back to work. Powered on computer. Checked the weather and found these headlines:

"Tragic end for Utah teen", "Terrible news for Nutella lovers", "WARNING: don't eat these fish", "Huge ocean garbage patch grows", "Terrifying hurricane facts...", and most dire of all, "Selfie Fail: couple plunges to their death from cliff while children watch in horror".

Needless to say, my Monday did not feel brighter after seeing all this.

Then I recall my weekend. Breakfast with a mentor. Coaching my son's first soccer of the season. A party where friends discuss ways to build up community service. Lunch with an alcholic who shares inspirational secrets to sobriety. My daughter learning to ride bike as her grandparents cheer.

And my week looks brighter once more.

Life is bigger than the news, more exciting than any headline. And this is why you do so much, because your action has the power to inspire us all. Thank you for being and laughing and sharing, for living and giving us so much to share.