As we stand in the audience, looking up at our favorite Rock Stars, listening to the crowd around us chanting their name, it's easy to think they've got it made.

But to the Rock Star it feels different. He's done this same show every night after night. The same songs, the same lights, the same guitar licks, he does it all over and over.

And what happens when the Rock Star's sick?

He's standing backstage, the crowd chanting his name. The MC walks past. Introductions begin. The crowd hushes in anticipation. But what they don't know is the Rock Star hasn't eaten in 18 hours. His brain's swimming in a fog. His belly's still boiling. He's down with the flu.

His stomach's cramping. He barely keeps the water down, reluctant even to leave his bed. And now 10,000 fans are chanting his name. How can he stand on that stage and be bigger than life when his body's begging for bed, tissues, a bucket...

But he's the Rock Star. They've paid to see his STUFF. They're expecting more than amazing. Cancelling isn't an option. His cost is too high. He's got lighting crews, sound guys, promoters and more to keep paid. And he's got this one chance to meet those expectations head on or his fans just might never come back.

How's he find energy? Where's he gain inspiration? Here it is comes racing toward us, this moment of truth...

With his body in pain he can't do it for fun or be there just for music. There's only one reason he drags out of bed. He does it for them, for the fans, for their joy. He refuses to let them down. And as he steps onstage, their joy lifts him up. He somehow finds reserves as the crowd grants him this gift. They don't even know it. They're cheering is food, and shelter, and love. His moment of truth is saved by a gift given back from the crowd.

And this moment is yours as well. Your crowds await. Your kids, family, friends, even neighbors and more, we're here for you cheering your dragging body out of bed. You bring know the excellent questions, the expectations of life. And for this simple reason we love you and all your life holds.

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