What's the difference between a compelling song and a compelling advertisement?

Copywriters spend years, even decades learning to write and communicate so compellingly we feel the need to buy a product.

Songwriters spend years, even decades learning to write and communicate so compellingly we feel the need to buy the communication itself!

A compelling ad lightens our wallet, leaving us in possession of a new product. A compelling song lightens our wallet and leaves us in possession of nothing but the song itself. The song must be its own advertisement, crafted so well we'll actually pay money to hear it again.

Is a song just as bad as an advertisement? Or is an ad just as good as a song? Or could these be the wrong terms to even consider.  They're simultaneously the same processes, yet incredibly different.

The key is in the AUDIENCE's perception. A good song grants the AUDIENCE a great gift. They love what they get to feel when they hear the song. They want to feel it again. A perfect song grants a perfect gift. And you too might strive to become this same kind of perfect. How can you become the perfect company, perfectly engaging everyone you meet?

The difference is, when people buy a song, they've already heard it. The advertisement becomes the product. The customer's expectations and their experience of the product match perfectly. People actually love good advertising, when the advertisement perfectly matches the product. So give us perfect truth in your ads, and we'll see perfect truth in you.

But you still have to choose your AUDIENCE. Some want Reggae. Others crave Rock! A few still cling to classical sounds. And a football game needs different tunes than a funeral or wedding.

No song is perfect for every AUDIENCE. No person is too.

So forget perfection. Forget the ads. You don't have to sell a product. You only have to sell yourself. Choose products to hawk that complement you, never the other way around.

For when you sell yourself, you become the ad and the product at the same time. The synergy demands attention. We recall and hope for more. And this is how you're so able to strut through life sounding just like that hit song we can't wait to buy and love.