I could write about Writer's Block. Sure, why not...

That blank page holds so much pressure. We want the finished product to be brilliant. It's got to capture the imagination of millions, or so we think. And the moment we begin to believe our work is important, the pressure builds too fast. The words get jammed in the chute.

But try starting off your blank page with these 4 little words: "I could write about..." and for the 5th word, just plop in the first thing that comes to mind.

Now the pressure is gone. The page is no longer blank. You have no responsibility to be genius. This isn't even for publication. You're merely jotting down a few things you might say.

And for some reason, the moment that pressure's relieved, the words begin to flow.

But now I've got to get back to it. A client's waiting for their written report, and I've nothing. Well, I could write about Pressure...