Emma Watson did something big. She used her celebrity to redefine gender inequality. And she didn't leave her message hanging to dry on Twitter. She took it to the United Nations for international coverage.

Clearly she has big thoughts. I applaud her courage.

We don't all have this same opportunity. Few of us were turned into movie stars in childhood. We haven't even been to the United Nations.

But you do have the power of courage inside. You have big thoughts. We need to hear them. In a world that's afraid to offend, we need your courage to speak out for your senses for right and for wrong.

Tell your friends, your neighbors, your kids. Because even Emma Watson can do very little by herself. It's the commentary and media who carry her message along. And you don't even have to like her message. You have your own. Get it out there. Let us have the true you.

And thank you for doing the hard part, which is to sell it. For you have the means to tell it, and yet you're moving with care. Another opinion is just a mosquito in the wind. They're swatted aside too quickly for listening. But as you couch your ideas in the fabric of story. You draw us in by never explaining but showing the way.

For it's people like you, speaking your heart, who truly hold the power of change.