Differentiation by location part 8

My son and I love drowning worms. We don't do it on purpose, of course. My son's trying to catch more fish and I'm just trying to catch more quality time with him.

Last summer on the lake in Wisconsin, he asks if I'm ready to fish, but I need a fishing license and we both need worms. So we hop in the car and drive straight to the nearest bait shop. 30 mins later our hooks are in the water.

The bait shop was packed too. There was a line for fishing licenses, and since it's vacation, everyone's arms are filled with sodas and chips and all that junk food we never buy back home.

Everything in this little ramshackle shop costs double what its worth and no one cares. We're on vacation and ready to get back to it. No way we're driving half an hour into town just to save a few bucks at Walmart.

the bait shop didn't have to compete on price or features. They were actually able to overcharge, and we happily lined up to pay it because they differentiated themselves from every single competitor quite well. Their location gave us the convenience we craved.

And they knew the secret. The owner's convenience is superfluous. It was our convenience that mattered. And they conveniently took our money as we thanked them for charging us more so we could drive less.

Where does your AUDIENCE love to be most?