When you're down for the count, quit counting.

The harder they hit us the faster we fall. That's just the way it works. Falling is fine. It's what you do after the fall that counts.

Some stay down, tired of taking punches. But you know that option is not for you. So you get back up. you take another punch. Maybe even fall again. If you're down for the count, it's ok to quit counting. Just don't quit getting back up. Become the one who won't stay down.

For it's only by taking those punches that we learn to evade, to step forward despite the tough knocks. And this is the nature of progress. Taking on the biggest challenges is gonna dish out bigger bruises. Because the bigger the prize, the tougher the competition.

But you're becoming tougher too. And that's the beauty of it, something they can never take away.