We recently joined a new gym, but we did it for the kids. They have a huge indoor pool with waterslides. So now when we hit cabin fever, we go!

The odd thing about this gym, to get to the pool we have to walk past the jogging track, filled with exercise. We pass stationary bikes and fitness class rooms. Even as we lounge in the water with the kids, we look up to see windows lined with treadmills and elliptical machines. And, of course, they're all filled with happy people looking incredibly fit.

And here's the weird thing. The power of suggestion sets in. After seeing so many working so hard, I begin to crave it myself. Just a few minutes pass by, and I find myself switching pools to swim laps. I go until I'm out of breath, then go for 20 more. When I get back to the kids, my wife decides to do the same.

It's so easy to ignore what we cannot see. But set it right out in front, and I need it more now!

You probably already know these tricks. You've been using them all along, designing the life you want by planning the paths you walk each day. For me, I'm just thankful for a gym that's smarter than me, luring us in to splash, then gently pushing us into better health.

And now I'm craving that special smile you only find when slightly out of breath. But I'm learning good lessons from the gym, and I think my kids'll likely request a return. For when they get home tonight they'll find I've taped pictures of waterslides on every TV.