When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you sour milk... Well, a milkshake is much more difficult.

Sometimes, no matter how well we prepare, life gets rough. If we're lucky enough to get lemons, we all know what to do. But when life hands out sour milk, our options don't appear so sweet. So we step back. Regroup. Get ready for the next dish.

Because the good thing about life is it just keeps going. No matter how rough it gets, you know life isn't capable of handing out sour milk forever. Hang in.

Some events pump us up, others leave us deflated. Circumstances come and go, but you don't have to. You get to be as constant as you choose. The NFL themselves are choosing this route it appears, mostly ignoring the controversy as they prepare for the big game. They know who they are, and we know they're going to just keep running with it.

Enjoy the game. Root for whomever you want. Or ignore it if you prefer. But you are constant. You are here. You are now.

May the best team win. And even if they don't, I'll be enjoying family and friends, enjoying our game, maybe even making lemonade as the clock ticks down.