I hear stories of the refugees, and my heart sags. How can we let this happen. Why can't we offer them food and a roof.

And yet friends are standing up for my safety. We can't let them in. They'll bring problems along. And they're completely right too. We've built so much. How do we share without risking it all might be taken away.

The issues grow complex. I'd happily take in a family, except my own kids must stay safe. I'm busy and out and about on the town. Prospects need prospecting and clients need clienting. If I stumble, my family loses it all. And my focus must stay for a bit on the next few steps as I climb the business up to a point it can survive, even if I'm hurt or in an accident.

So instead of solution, I'm part of the problem too. Or maybe there's no problem at all. Perhaps the secret isn't to share but to take.

No that doesn't feel right at all. Our brains just weren't made to encompass so many, to feel for another we'll never even see. And yet we still feel for their pain. A hungry baby in my tent with no food and we've no place to go. I feel it, and you're feeling it too.

So what can we do. We're the World's greatest power. What's our responsibility. And what can we do.