The floating deadline's so easy to keep putting off. The deadline floats and we so easily push it back. Push it back. Push it back.

And it feels so simple cause we never have to climb aboard and actually get the thing done. We just keep pushing, and the project keeps floating along on the calendar.

And yet the pushing's a lot of work too. And pushing one project truly is easy. But they tend to pile up. Before we know it, we're pushing ten different projects along. All those little efforts piling up into a major chore.

And now it's even harder to consider climbing aboard to finish just one. If we climb aboard one, who's left to push the other 9 projects along?

And so it goes.

So today, as you stop pushing and start climbing, remember the secrets you already know. You were born to climb. You were built to accomplish. And the faster you climb, the less you need push, the more you get to enjoy that holiday cheer. The more you get to cheer another, a child, a friend. And the more they have to give you in return.