Opportunity's a beautiful thing. Especially when you see it on the calendar, months before it arrives.

You get to look forward, to know exactly when that pitch will occur. So you prepare. You practice. You excitedly pack your things the night before. Leisurely sauntering to the airport, you fly out right on time, ready for that pitch, ready to knock it right out of the park!

But opportunity isn't a game. It abides no rules. Sometimes the pitch is scheduled, waiting for you to get ready. It waits for you to arrive on time. but other times that pitch comes as a surprise. Opportunity comes flying out of nowhere. Sometimes at the grocery, or on a weekend bike ride with your kids.

And still you're ready. Because opportunity plays to your strengths. You've so practiced this process for so many months.

And later, now smiling, opportunity in hand, they ask how'd you do it. How'd you catch it so quick? And your words will come easy. "There's no need to run when you're already there."