We learn to switch personalities at will. We giggle with a preschooler, behave sternly with the shareholders, speak so crossly to our spouse, but then so tenderly make up. I've even seen people stop mid-argument to answer the phone with an easy smile.

These are skills we learn as a child. These are skills that serve us well. And when you master the effect, we don't call you schizophrenic, we call you self-controlled. The key is not avoiding multiple personalities, but learning to utilize them all. You click the switch and go.

It doesn't matter if we throw out our back, get sick, or learn our dog just died, when we present to the board or meet someone new, we learn to smile with enthusiasm and confidence. We overcome the pain. We even turn it off.

The odd thing is, I'll find myself forgetting the pain, and feeling truly happy in that moment. We break with the reality of the pain and don't even think about it.

This is an incredible power. This is something no machine can do.