Opportunity is relentless, and the most difficult part, it's not always ours. Sometimes it seems the best opportunities always go to somebody else.

An old band mate's show gets picked up by CBS. A college acquaintance has already built the company you'd like to start. Your friend's startup gets that million dollar first round of financing. Your neighbor wins the dream job you wish were yours.

Many find it difficult to see opportunity so close, yet so far out of reach. But life is not a nascar race. Just because they've won doesn't mean you can't win. Life has no finish line, no checkered flag. We all get to keep driving.

When those nearby are finding success, it means you're spending time in the right circles. You're on the right track. You've found the land of opportunity.

Whatever you do, keep that foot on the gas. Because opportunity is everywhere, likely even just around that next bend in the road.