Think of your Vision, for you and your business. And remember...

Compromise is for Congress. Never for business. Too often we get this backwards.

Congress must compromise in order to function. This is intentional. A legislator who can successfully proceed without compromise will become a dictator fast.

But in business, it can ruin you. Compromise forces out everything daring and new. It will water down your vision, leaving us all drinking a watered down, Budweiser-like life.

And yet we know the need for Consensus. Great effort requires great teams, where everyone pulls a bit more than their own weight.

And concensus is different. Where compromise acquiesces, consensus inspires! This is why we need your vision. When you inspire us all, we don't request any compromise. We don't really want to hack through the unknown. But show us the tiniest footpath and help us to see the superhighway it could become. We'll rally behind you so fast...

Consensus requires great vision. And vision requires communication skills. Whenever I work on a new idea, to make sure I'm expressing my vision with clarity, and in a way that interests others, I like to check my words with this simple test:

#1 - Can I explain my Vision in one sentence or less?

#2 - After explaining my Vision, does my listener ask for more details or express interest in how we might team up to get it done?

#3 - After the conversation, does my listener go and tell others (via conversation, phone, social media, whatever...)?

Think of the Vision you have for your business. How many of the above 3 questions can you answer with a Yes?

Would love to hear what you find. Whether in the comments below, or in a personal email, we can't wait to hear all about you.