In the end we die. The sun will go out. Humanity cannot live forever. And in the grand scheme of things, even Presidents of The United States of America seem unable to actually do much to change our state of affairs.

This could be reality. One version of reality. It's a reality we could choose to ponder and obsess over. Or we can ignore it and smile. Because for you and me. Right here. Right now. We're both important to each other.

In the grand scheme of things, our actions can feel terribly small, but who cares about the grand scheme of things? For it's inside the smaller scheme of things where life is truly lived, and your every action holds incredible power. Your smile can embolden another. A single generosity can change another's life. Your ideas can shift an entire room toward success.

For everything within your reach is all that really matters, and you have the power to affect us all.