It's impossible to remember everything you say. I just don't have the bandwidth.

So the moment we meet, I'm looking for a quick and easy way to remember who you are and what you're all about. And since this is a big luncheon, and I've just met 12 other people whom I also am struggling to remember, I've got to do it fast and efficiently.

So I'm boiling your stories, your body language, your knowledge and confidence down into a first impression. Probably just a word or two.

I'll remember two things:
#1: Do I like you?
#2: What are you all about?

Smile and be nice. You'll have #1 nailed.

What are you all about. That's trickier. The less you say the more likely I am to get it right. Give me 8 different facets to think about, and I might pick the wrong one. Give me the one thing that really sums you up then nothing more. I'm sure to get it right.

We really want to know and understand what's most valuable about you. Help us find it right away. Show us that same core value in everything you do. I promise we'll never forget.