It's hard to watch the competition. It hurts when they copy our best ideas. Even worse to see others with less talent finding more success. Every time they get a new client, it's too easy to think, "why didn't that client choose us?"

But talent is relative. Who's to say which person has the most innovative ideas or the best smile? What I do know is no one out there can be you better than you can. And you have very strong appeal just waiting to be used. So love the competition. They're the ones who keep us sharp. We balance on the balls of our feet because we must be ready. Sure, we crave the ability to relax. But we can save it for tonight. Relaxation is so easy. We can do it in our sleep. Today is for action and movement.

For the competition's the reason you've worked so hard. They push you to seek new ideas and an easier process. They help us find excellence. Without the competition, it's hard to even start the climb.

That's why you keep your eye on their work. For watching their trajectory, their aim becomes clear. As they race to finish first, you smile. For once you can see where they're planning to finish, you now have the starting line of a game changing sprint you're perfectly planning to win.