Climbing is a great skill. It's one every business needs. But no matter how fast you go, climbing really only works when you already have a mountain. You can climb your way through school, up the corporate ladder, and even up to the penhouse suite of any building in the world. But climbing can only get you to the top of a structure that's already there.

And you can build that structure incrementally. You can carry a bucket of dirt to the top of a mountain. Bring enough buckets and maybe you can raise the mountain's height by an inch. You can push the peak higher.

But to stare at a swamp or a sinkhole and see the towering might it can become, that takes vision. This is why you take time to dream, to read, to experience great art. For the inspired know how to see opportunities before they exist.

And this is how the few, the people like you, they land in that lucky place where 80% growth is the norm. And you know it's not luck. And it takes more than effort. It's your vision that allows you to ignore all the mountains, while taking time to build your rocket instead.