Your proposal is out. Their answer eludes. Uncertainty hangs in the air, anticipation building as each moment grows heavier to ponder. Will they say yes or no...

Uncertainty is one of the toughest experiences we humans face. Bad facts can be dealt with. The unknown is often more frightening. Our imaginations so easily get carried away.

But you don't need uncertainty. You did your best. You laid it on the line. Their answer is out there. You'll have it eventually. In the meantime, you still have your skill. Your Acumen. Your ability to work at building new opportunities.

So quit fretting about the proposal you wrote yesterday and ask yourself how can you write another tomorrow.

Yesterday's proposal is only a seedling. Some grow to towering heights. Others die before seeing the sun. But you needn't worry about the uncertainty of any one seedling. Because you are the tree. You offer the world almost countless opportunities to grow because that's what you were born to do.