In order to attract attention, you have to do something different. Something useful. Something we'll crave.

Here's how you do it. Identify your Unique Value Proposition by asking the following:

  1. What can you offer
  2. Something many prospects will want
  3. Something your competition can't offer as well as you

Then package your Unique Value Proposition into a concise Story. You mustn't make claims or tell people what to think. Avoid descriptive adjectives. Avoid statistics. Avoid asserting your facts. Facts feel like attack and are always debatable. They'll reject it all.

Instead, use your words to draw out our imagination. Help us see your incredible value for ourselves. It's when we feel we've discovered your value on our own that opinions and priorities shift.

Avoid cliches and idioms. The words you choose must be something unusual. Rarely seen. Something which forces people to stop and think about it. Once you have us thinking, does your Story lead us down your chosen path?

If so, you've got 'em! :)