You've been incredible. Thank you for being part of my life. Even more, thank you for giving so much of your own drive to help inspire a climbing world.

I'm releasing this post on a Friday and in a different format, so you can have some time to think. To reflect. To identify what's most valuable to you.

Your feedback is the best way I have to learn. To grow. It's a generous gift. I'd love to understand what you find most interesting and useful in these newsletters. M
aybe you have a favorite post or genre. What would you like to see next?
General motivation, inspiration, or ways to improve your branding, marketing, or even the pitch?

And if you have a specific question, write anytime. We love taking time to figure out new ideas and solutions. Please write often and freely! I enjoy responding personally to every email, and knowing what I know about you, I'm sure it'll be interesting too.

In the meantime, let the sunshine flow!