You already offer incredible solutions. Some are simple. Others might require complex components.

Public speaking is likely a common way to promote your solutions. The trickiest bit is explaining complexity in simple terms.

The key is offering a simple "Takeaway" - a short memorable few words into which we can pack a lot of meaning. Then you draw upon your vast knowledge of research, statistics, and experience to support it. All your Audience has to do later is recall that easy little "takeaway", and we get to unpack all the meaning you've placed inside.

Here's the structure:

  1. Introduce the "takeaway" (short, unique, interesting phrase)
  2. Pack your meaning inside
    1. Begin with a supporting anecdote (a short story illustrating the "takeaway")
    2. Next, offer any complicated components, research or statistics
    3. Offer a longer, more emotionally engaging anecdote that incorporates the complicated components
  3. Reaffirm the "takeaway" and encourage your audience to consider its importance (show it on your powerpoint slide - or write it on the board/screen)

Here are a few examples of "takeaway" phrases we've created to help Audience's understand our "Science of Charisma" process.

Do you know your "STUFF - STORY - AUDIENCE"

  • STUFF = What do your customers get (Product/Service/Experience)
  • AUDIENCE = Who is your Stuff designed to help (Target Market)
  • STORY = How do you help your Audience find and understand your Stuff (Sales/Marketing)

Once they understand their STUFF, AUDIENCE AND STORY, we want to build the best STORY. We use these 3 "takeaways" help them understand our process:

When crafting your STORY:

  1. Can you "POP BOTTLE IT" (is it short & concise - research supports the importance of short, unusual phrases)
  2. Does it "STAND OUT IN THE SPOTLIGHT" - is it something your Audience will want? does it stand apart in their eyes?
  3. Does it "STEER THE DEEPER MEANING" - Does your phrase help all team members arrive at the same conclusion of their own accord?

Looking back, we can tell when our presentation is working by looking at participants' notes. Are they jotting down our "Takeaway" phrases? Do their notes illustrate they understand its import?

If your Audience's notes are all over the place, your presentation likely was too. Time to start over. But, if you see the same "insights" repeated over and over, you know the Audience is right there with you, understanding it all nicely.

Here's an example of what you're looking for:

And think of all you have to offer. You already have so much great STUFF. The AUDIENCE needs you. Take time with that STORY. We know it can be tricky. That's why you take the time to find the best possible help, to craft your key phrases with particular care.

And we can't wait to see what you've built, what's working best for you. If you have a good Takeaway that's working particularly well, please send it along. We'd love the chance to learn.

And if you're working up a new presentation or making improvements to your Story, we'd love to help. This sort of thing isn't just our bread and butter. It's the jelly in our belly. The laughter in our lungs. The smile in every breath we take. Write back now. Just click here. We can't wait to hear from you!!