My sister-in-law was so excited. What a cool angle to promote health in the community.

In Minster, OH you can ride your bike without a helmet. It's not required. Kids do it all the time. If your kid's caught on the street without a helmet, nothing will happen. And this is normal in most of the Midwest.

But here's the twist. If your child actually is wearing their bicycle helmet on the streets of Minster, the police will be chasing them down and pulling them over. The officer then proceeds to hand the child a free ice cream coupon from the local Tasty Treet.

How cool!

This is brand building at it's best. And it helps more than just the Tasty Treet. The Traveler's Protective Association and the local Falcon Financial Services helped out by co-funding the program.

And now they're all working together to keep kids safe in a way kids understand. And since everyone wants those ice cream cones, the kids all find a way to wear the helmet. Suddenly it's the kid not wearing their helmet who becomes the odd man out...


Thanks to my sister-in-law Nikki for sharing this cool Story. What a great demonstration of the power of generosity. We can do so much more for ourselves and our businesses when we stop to help another first. So lets see how we can help. What can we do. Where can we contribute. And be amazed at how you grow.

For as Paul Harris, founder of Rotary - the worlds largest and oldest service club, used to say, "One profits most who serves best."

And you know how to serve. This is why you work so hard to develop skillsets and ideas. The more you have to offer the more you have to give. And the greater your gifts, the louder we cheer.

Thank you for working so hard to create such value for the world. We love you for it.