Imagine an ad for Hampton Inn. A beautiful mom dives into the pool. Her kids laugh in the water. A handsome dad stands above, practically beaming with pride.

Next we’re shown the free breakfast. You can practically taste the cinnamon as the icing flows over a mountain of rolls. The eggs are fluffy. The fruit glistens with life.

Then images of the room. Our family from the pool enters. The kids run, laughing, to the bed. The mom and dad embrace. You can see in their deep smiles the relief and happiness they’re now experiencing because of this hotel.

A maid steps in, “Here are your extra towels. If we can do anything more, just holler!”

At that moment the youngest child races past parents and maid on her way to the bathroom. The maid’s jolly smile grows even wider as the child zooms past.

Then we see a close-up of the child’s face shouting ecstatically, “Oh my Gosh! Mom! Dad! The bathroom is clean!!” The mom, dad and maid all smile together at the cute words.

The scene fades and we’re left with a voice over reminding us, “Enjoy Hampton Inn tonight… Now with clean bathrooms in every suite!”

Wuhhhh?! A clean bathroom??!!?? I mean yeah… Of course we want a clean bathroom. But doesn't every hotel have one of those… at least they better! Building a brand takes more than simple honesty. You’ve got to help us see how you stand apart. What makes your STUFF unique?

No matter how much effort you put into those bathrooms, they won't accomplish much in an ad.

You know the value of a STORY that stands out. This is why you so carefully craft your words. You do more than inform. You infect us with excitement. And we thank you for the careful effort, for helping us discover the best you have!