In the old days we created Teflon brands. Huge, shiny brands with all the rough edges carefully sanded down. They slipped easily into our pockets and onto our shelves.

Think Budweiser, McDonalds, Chevrolet, Tom Cruise. Big Epic. Worldwide. And all relatively boring. They succeeded by neutralizing out all the flavor. By never offending anyone they became the easiest choice for everyone.

And easy used to work pretty well. But now we have Choices! Even the simplest of questions typed into Google prompts an avalanche of opportunity. And those big Teflon brands are suddenly feeling a bit lackluster. Now we can choose anything or anyone. We can even choose you.

And no need to be bland. The herd isn't your thing. Tattoos or a tie. High heels or Tie dye. Be the person you were born to be. Stand up and stand out, rising higher to see.

For you have the gift of unique, and people are out there looking for it right now. The more you let us see who you truly can be, the more you help us choose you.