As unreasonable as people seem to be this political season, I still have reasonable friends who sit on both sides of the aisle. Even on both sides (all 3 sides) of the Presidential race. And this is difficult to reconcile. How can such reasonable people be part of such an unreasonable group. Or am I missing something.

Or perhaps it's not that simple. Perhaps it's an illusion, created by our two party system, this idea we only have two camps out there. Isn't it perhaps more likely we have more than two camps, more that two sets of opinion. Mayhap reasonable people can choose to side with an unreasonable group for rational reasons. Perhaps we have hundreds, even thousands of different camps out there, each filled with its own opinions, beliefs, values, and access to verifiable facts.

But how do we find them when social media swims with contradiction. I've seen in-depth articles explaining the Pope's endorsement for all three candidates, even though he's endorsed none. Instead of research and journalism, we have words. Lots and lots of words. Anyone can write them. Anyone can read them. And so we struggle on with lots of blurbs and very few experts. Are we losing the ability to build consensus.

And yet the information is out there. We have more access than ever before if we take the time to dig beneath the sound bites. If we ignore the spinning of the spin room. When we take the time to stop and reflect.

And you know this power of digging deep. You've done it before. It's your time once again. Your voice is ready. Your audience waits. We're here. give us the facts you've worked so diligently to dig up. Give us your insights. Enlightenment. Ideas. Give us your positive thinking and buoyant attitude, that ability to lead, that something special you have waiting inside. Be the vote. Be important. Be you.