Watermelons rarely disappoint.

Ironically, lemons do the same.

It’s not about being sweet or sour, nasty or nice. The real trick is helping us see the valuable expectations you most easily & handily fulfill.

No matter who you are or what you’re really like inside, you have incredible Stuff to offer us all. Obviously you want to work and help as well. This is why you invest so much effort, developing talents and networks and skill.

The key is matching the persona you share on the outside with the person you are on the inside. The better these match, the more clearly the world can see the power you offer and when to seek your expertise.

#1 – Know Thy Self – When your phone rings at 3 am, you’re surprised and a bit unnerved, with no time to prepare, what kind of response should we expect?

#2 – Portray Thy Self – Be consistent, not only in the way you portray and describe yourself, but match the portrayal as closely as possible to the best skills and talents you’ve collected inside.

#3 – Be Thy Self – If you nail steps 1 & 2, being yourself gets easy. A problem roars. We know you’re the fix. We call. You help. Everyone wins.

Have you ever cut open a gorgeous green watermelon, only to find sour yellow fruit inside? There’s no need. Be the lemon. Be the apple. Be the orange. Be proud.