The experts agree. To get noticed on social media we have to be emotive. We only have a single photo, maybe 2 lines of text. We’ve got to be emotionally gripping to grab people’s attention. It’s one of the newly accepted rules of social media marketing.

But emotionally engaging media creates emotionally charged people, who do emotionally charged things. And emotionally charged actions aren't exactly the best representation of your charismatic brand.

Besides, the whole effect grows kind of mind-numbing after awhile, like a diet of relentless cotton candy. And who the heck wants to be emotionally engaged by a stranger’s photo anyways?

But, what we really want and what we pursue are not always the same. Everybody wants to be fit and healthy. But what we see people do is sit on the couch, scanning through Instagram, snacking on potato chips. They have such a list to scan, they only have time to linger briefly on the most engaging few.

But in the long run, building your brand on positive values, with inspiring posts and images is proven to build your best long term audience growth.

And we’re so lucky. Because you know there's something better. You know something more. You know how to express deeper ideals and provocative insights. You have everything we need. And we hope you’ll find the time to share.

At it's core, what has your company been doing to inspire the world? Please write back and tell us all about it. I read and respond personally to every response. Can't wait to see yours!