True charisma doesn't happen because you somehow influence, trick or charm me into loving and adoring you. Eww gross! Get away!!

The world's most charismatic people get that way because of the way they help us feel about ourselves. They inspire us to dig deeper, to work harder, to cooperate toward a common cause.

Of course, when you're able to get us working together toward a common cause, you become our leader, our hero.

Charisma is not the cause:

Charisma isn't a trick. It can't be used to manipulate people. It's not a tool you can wield to change the way we feel. Charisma only exists after you've changed our feelings. It's our feelings and impressions that actually create your charisma. Charisma cannot create a relationship. Charisma is a result of the relationship.

Charisma is the effect:

Your charisma is created by the thoughts and feelings of other people. Without other people noticing what you have, you're just a lone weirdo staring at the mirror, admiring your potential, your innate talent, and maybe some lint inside that innate belly button.

We don't create charisma. It's the people we meet who create our charisma. It's the moment people notice you, your vision, and your admirable charm, the moment we actually want a little bit more of all you have to offer, that you truly become charismatic.

Charisma is not a thing you can do to other people.

Charisma is a gift other people give you in return for all the work, vision, ethic, beauty, or inspired motivation you first gifted them.

So let 'er rip! We can't wait to hear your ideas, see your vision, and understand the incredible power you hold inside.

Indeed there is a step by step process you can employ to speed the process along. We'll be outlining it further in upcoming posts. Can't wait to see your opportunities explode!

In the meantime, whatever your passion, I can't wait to hear about it. I always take time to read and personally respond to every post, every reply, and I look forward to reading yours later today.