We all know the almost unlimited excitement of the Super Bowl. The parties, the traffic, the coin toss, quarterback rivalries, and, in the end, the Lombardi Trophy!

We take these all for granted, almost as easily as we know for a fact the year's most impressive advertisements will also be unveiled in 30 second blocks of magic throughout the game.

And yet, 150 years ago, none of it existed. There was no Super Bowl. No trophy. No shoulder pads, helmets, players or fans.

Shortly after the Civil War, New England grew fascinated with Rugby. Then America's ethos of reinvention led to many changes in the rules, which were were finally written down in 1876, but keep in mind the forward pass wasn't made legal for another 30 years.

Today we know the Super Bowl so well, it's become one of the world's most invaluable brands. And yet every single piece of the game, from quarterback to wide-receiver, from helmet to cleat, from 5 yard penalty to exclusive TV coverage were all invented along the way.

Built piece by piece our super game emerged, becoming real. So real, in fact that now millions rush to see who's going to win this extremely distinguished contest. A contest that didn't even exist 55 years ago. And every single piece of the game, before its invention, was merely imagination. Even the idea of a quarterback making a forward pass was once just a figment in somebody's mind.

Over the years, the imaginary became real. The brand's grown so real and so big, we're all in the know. Friends and families gather to watch this incredible thing that was simply created as if from thin air, and this is how every brand begins. Before any of the rules, or teams, or uniforms, we have only a thought flitting through somebody's mind, an imagined idea, a mere possibility.

And you too are filled with possibility. What ideas do you love. What improvements would you make. What mark would you leave. For football proves the power your imagination holds to create the structure of awe. Some call it branding. Others call it more. But it's an incredible power, and one we can't wait to help see how you'll use.

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