The biggest ideas tackle the biggest problems. And big problems are like mountains. It takes many steps to get on top of them. And if you can't see the path, how do you take that first step?

When I started blogging, I didn't know if I was a writer. It was an experiment. 6 months went by. Nothing was posted. Beliefs began to form. The zapper in my head gloated, "nothing in 6 months? Surely you're no writer...!"

Luckily, deep in my day dreams a quieter voice whispered, "but how many hours have you spent actually typing...?" The answer was 'zero'.

So I sat down, turned off the cell phone and started my fingers walking across the keyboard. 90 minutes of jibberish went by. I kept wandering. Another hour later a sentence pops out that really works. I'd finally found the first step forward. A path emerges. 10 minutes later the rough draft is finished. The next day I make a few edits and click to upload. My first blog post is complete!

When you can't see the path, it's impossible to know where you should place your first step. But walking is so easy. If you don't know where to go, why not walk someplace you don't know? If you can't move forward, move aimlessly, for the most difficult part of a 10 minute journey is so often the 3 hours you spend aimlessly walking around, looking for that first step forward.