When I was 16, I loved to brag. For instance, I'd go to McDonalds, and order the value meal with an extra Big Mac. I did it more often when friends were along. I needed them to see me do it.

And McDonalds knew how to facilitate my efforts. The sandwich really isn't that big. The two patties are only one twelth of a pound each. That's less beef than a quarter pounder! Then they slather thousand island inside, sweetening it up for immature palates. Their biggest bragging point really is just the extra bun.

But McDonalds is smart. They don't call it the sweetburger, or the breadburger, or the 1/6th pounder... They call it the Big Mac, and eating one made me feel grown up. Eating two made me feel like a king.

And if I'm completely honest, I must admit, although I'm down to just one sandwich, I still order the Big Mac every time I'm there.

There's such power in a name. You've taken the time to build the best products & services in the world. You know the patience it takes to find the right name. Thank you for doing what it takes. Thank you for putting Power in Your Name.